Handicraft Handloom

Sarangpur district is a handloom multiplier cluster located in Rajgarh. In the village, most of the weavers make up their livelihood. Sarangpur is historically a well-known region in Indian history as there is also the tomb of Rani Ruptimati in this area.

In Sarangpur (Padana), Kota Masuriya sarees were mainly produced and in Sarangpur the production of pagdi is also in abundance. The sheet single and double sheet is produced using the thread of count of 2/40 S, 20S, 10S in the Saranggpur area.

The sheets produced in the Sarangpur area have excellent quality relative to the other clusters on the basis of color combination and color fastness, due to which these sheets are being demanded by consumers in the market for the last several years.
Production of Shifan, Plane Ship, Silk has also been started by weavers in the Sangrpur area. The demand of which is also being preferred in the market relative to other silk products.

At present, about 2175 looms are established in the district of Rajgarh. Through which about 3702 weavers have been engaged in employment. Estimated annual production is approximately 1.15 crores.