Taj-ul-Masajid Bhopal

Category Historic, Others

Taj-ul-Masajid is a mosque situated in Bhopal, India. The name is also spelt as Taj-ul-Masjid. “Masajid” means “mosques” (Plural of…


Vindhyawasini Mata Temple Salkanpur

Category Others

Salkanpur Durga Temple : This sacred siddhpeeth of Vindhyavasni Beejasan devi (one of the incarnation of the “Hindu” goddess “Durga” is…

Ganesh Mandir

Ganesh Mandir Sehore

Category Others

Sidhha Ganesha Mandir is established in the village Gopalpur in the N-west direction, Ganesh Mandir is 3km from the District…

Bheswamata Temple Main Gate

Bheswamata Temple -Sarangpur Rajgarh

Category Others

The Bheswamata (Bijasan mata ) mandir is run by trust, trustee including 11 government ex-officio members, MLA, District President, Panchayat…

Mohanpura Dam

Mohanpura Dam Rajgarh

Category Adventure, Others

Mohanpura Irrigation Project is the first such project in the country that will irrigate fields with pressure. This is the…

Shree Nathjee

Shrinathji ka Bada Temple, Rajgarh

Category Others

A large temple of Shrinathji is situated amidst the hills on the banks of river Nevaj, famous for its ancient…